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The Spiritualist

Spiritual Healing and Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit

Volume 10, Issue 5

September  2016

Life and Its Purpose


A large number of people consider that life begins at birth and terminates at death.  The Spiritualist understands a far broader definition of the term “life,” and teaches that death is not the end but the opening of a door to a fuller expression of life.  In our belief in a Supreme Impersonal Power that manifest life, is the recognition of that Infinite Source of which all life is a manifestation.  Life here and life hereafter comprise one life, whose continuity of consciousness is unbroken by that change in form we term death. (Spiritualist Manual, Revised 12th Edition)   Although it is recognized that life in the flesh differs from life in the spirit, it is still all one life—differing only in the conditions under which that life is lived.


As with all nature, the law prevails.  The Law of Life is sometimes described in spiritual literature as the one law behind all laws.  That is, all other Natural Laws, both physical and spiritual, are different ways of expressing or stating this Law of Action and Reaction, or Law of Cause and Effect.  The Law of Life gives expression and existence to everything that exists.  The Law of Life is God’s Law.  It is the controlling force of the relationship between the individual and Infinite, or that which may be termed God.  This law in essence is the controlling factor of our harmony or disharmony with nature.  As we allow ourselves to be in tune with the Infinite, the Law of Life is expressed to its fullest and we experience joy, peace, health, happiness and prosperity. (SAM, Inc-Natural Law Governs)


This Excerpt was taken from The Morris Pratt Institute Lesson 8

Mediumship Development Classes


Our Mediumship Development Program is up and running.  Our classes will be taught and led by Jennifer Priel of East Aurora, New York. 

This developmental class has been designed for beginners, refreshers as well as anyone who wants to take advantage of a new approach to Mediumship. 

Classes will begin on September 10 from 11 am to 2pm and will be held twice monthly through to December.  If you miss the first class, the next class will be held on September 24th at the same time. Please refer to our calendar for further dates  Everyone is requested to bring a notebook and pick up a copy of “In Tune with the Infinite,” by Ralph Waldo Trine.

The fee for this class is $10 and can be paid per class at time of attendance.




Healing Development Circle

There are some exciting changes coming to the Healing Circle which has been held on the fourth Tuesday Night of the Month.

As many who heal may know, the Healing Development Circle has been meeting once a month.  During these meetings, some new Healers have attended to receive the initial training to offer healing during services.  For those who attend the monthly circles, they have been able to hone their healing abilities and raise their energetic or spiritual levels to better connect with Spirit as a channel for healing.

Starting in October, we will be adding another night to the Healing Development Circle.  We will begin meeting on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month beginning October 11th.  The Circle will start at 7 pm and will end at 8:30 pm.

In addition to this additional night to the Healing Circle, we will open the last half hour to anyone who would like to come for healing.  The door will be open at 7:45pm for anyone who wants to receive healing. The door will be closed again at 8:00pm once Open Healing begins.

We are entering a new season for the Healing Circle and will be covering many topics on Spiritual Healing.  All are welcome to come and attend the Healing class.

Wednesday Evening Prayer

Wednesday Evenings from 6pm-7pm have been designated during the months of August and September for Prayer.  Rebecca Washington along with Eric Gilbert-Moore and Scott Gilbert-Moore have been faithfully meeting to pray for our church and our community.  The Wednesday prayer time is slated to end at the end of September.  If you are interested and feel you would like to participate at least once a month, the prayer time may be extended for a couple of months.

If you would like to be a part of this prayer time, let anyone of the above-named individuals know or just show up for prayer before the end of September.

Remember this:

 You do not have to be a member to attend.

You do not have to say a prayer unless you want to if you attend.

If you are present and request prayer, a prayer will be prayed for you.

                                                           Irmgard LaForge

                                      A Centenarian and Spiritualist





On September 28, Irmgard LaForge will achieve what many others before and after her will not. She will be celebrating 100 years of life.


Anyone who has had the opportunity to meet and talk to Irmgard LaForge already knows she is one of the brightest and sharpest you will meet in Plymouth Spiritualist Church.


Irmgard came to Plymouth Spiritualist Church at the end of 2007 along with her daughter Hilary LaForge. She was a member of Albertson’s Memorial Church prior to her transfer to Plymouth and has been a Spiritualist for over 60 years.


She is a Retired Second Grade Teacher who loves to read, cook, garden, keep up with her friends and walk her cat.  She even communicates via email. For a number of years she knitted hats and scarves for the members of PSC.


Irmgard is the mother of two sons and two daughters.  She is the grandmother of six and great-grandmother of three.


Please take a moment to wish Irmgard LaForge a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

NSAC Certification

This month, we begin a series of questions and answers about obtaining certification by NSAC. In this and subsequent columns, selected questions from Questions and Answers about NSAC Certification will appear. Further information about certification should be directed to June Killmer, Director, NSAC Department of Education at

What certifications are offered by NSAC?

Ordained Minister, Licentiate Minister, Certified Medium, and Commissioned Spiritualist Healer; and the National Spiritualist Teacher Degree.

Should an applicant be serving in their church in the area of the credential before applying for any credential?

Yes, the training ground for future service is within their church. Completion of educational requirements does not necessarily indicate that the person is ready for certification. The pastor or pastoral committee should provide opportunities for persons to serve before applying for a credential or ordination. It is the responsibility of the pastor or pastoral committee and the church board to evaluate the performance of the applicant and be satisfied that the applicant is worthy of recommendation.

Where does an applicant find the complete information authorizing NSAC certification?

This is found in the NSAC Bylaws, Article XIII, Certifications and Requirements.

When an applicant completes the Morris Pratt Institute (MPI) course, may they apply for a specific credential immediately?

They may apply if membership time requirement is met and the applicant has sufficient number of affidavits, if applying for Commissioned Healer or Certified Medium, and feels that they are well prepared for examination. When application is for Licentiate Minister credential, the Pastoral Skills Course must have been successfully completed.


There are many roads to Spiritual Healing. Some of those roads require that you go it alone. It may require you to go within and grab hold of the beast that brings internal torment. It could also require that you find a willing space within yourself that will just let it go. If you choose to be over it, and just want to let it go, you can do so with music. Turn up the music and SING OUT LOUD.  Get outrageous and Release Yourself.

Speakers for September


Sept 4         Rebecca Washington

Sept 11       Kathleen Riley

Sept 18       Paul Hodges

Sept 25       Monica Coppola

Can you guess who this Mystery Member is?

He is single, never married, no children, one dog, two brothers. He works with children, loves bike-riding and antiques, great sense of humor and a crazy imagination. His name is mentioned (3) times in this newsletter.



September Birthdays


Hilary LaForge       24th

Irmgard LaForge    28th

New Member

Welcome to our newest Member, April Tantalo.  April was given the Right Hand of Fellowship on August 14th.