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Spiritualists have been at the forefront of social justice and progressive reform since the movement's beginnings in the 19th century. Spiritualists were some of the most active and vocal members of the Abolitionist, Women's Suffrage, and Temperance movments.

The following statements have been published by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches to express the majority consensus on Social Policy of the NSAC:


Demands freedom of religious thought and expression as the cornerstone of all lasting good in the world.


Affirms that our Ministry has the right, honor, and privilege to perform all life celebrations.


Promotes and provides an enviornment free of all discrimination based on race, color, sex, national origin, disability, age, or sexual orientation.

Equal Rights

Recognizes the purifying and uplifting power of woman in both public and private life. We demand for her all the privileges political, social, and industrial that are accorded her brother man.

Life and Death With Dignity

Affirms the right of each individual to determine for self, or through a guardian the extent through which the medical community or family may interfere with the treatment of a terminal, or irreversible condition, by the use of Living Wills, Advanced Directives and Durable Power of Attorneys, available in all states in various forms. We, as Spiritualists, are bound to follow the law. If we, as individuals, would have the current laws changed or extended beyond their present scope, it is our individual right to work for this through the proper channels. 

Medicine and Spiritual Healing

Recommends that all medical cases pronounced incurable or terminal by medical doctors to be submitted to one or more healers.


Advocates planned parenthood and the widest dissemination of sex and hygiene knowledge to the end that poverty and social diseases may be eliminated.

Informed Choice

Stands on the premise that the individual is responsible for her own happiness regarding abortion. it is not the prerogative of organized religion to mandate what constitutes happiness to an individual. It is the individual's right to make an informed choice in the matter as she alone would be responsible for her actions. 

Legitamacy of birth

Denounces the cruel and heartless custom of designating any of God's children as illegitimate because of the circumstances of their birth


Stands shoulder to shoulder with those who are opposing grafters, high and low, and works to secrure justice for the oppressed of the earth; we condemn child labor, the sweat shop and industrial oppression and the practical and political disenfranchiesement of all. We will work ceaselessly to make this nation in reality a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Capital Punishment

Considers it a disservice to humanity to support capital punishment. Crime is but the result of ignorance and a diseased mentality and capital punishment is a relic of a partially civilized age. Knowing of the continuation of life after so-called death and that the individual carries with them the same type of mentality that was expressed before leaving the physical world, we know that the minds of different thought exist on the Earth Plane and can be influenced by this mentality, thus the crime can be compounded. We support reform measures in the penal system and humane treatment of inmates. Through treatment and education, the criminal is given the opportunity to reform. We heartily comemend those states and nations which have abolished this practice. 


Abhors war in any form and supports every effort by any nation or group to maintain peace in the world. We do support our nation's young men and women who serve in the armed forces but do not support war itself as a method of resolving disputes and differences. Wars, at any stage of human progress, are brutal and morally injurious to the welfare of society, and all international disputes should be settled by boards of arbitaration, thus ushering in an era of universal peace on earth, and good will to all.

World Peace

Recommends the interchange of students between colleges and schools of the nations of the world to end that foolish, local prejudices be broken down by the simple expedient of young people living and learning together as citizens of the world.